We offer a variety of services to suit the wishes of your loved one:

Traditional Funeral Service
Burial Services
Cremation Services
Visitation, Wake, or Viewing
Memorial Service
Graveside Service
Direct Disposition – Cremation

Living Eulogy:

Reynars Funeral Home can create a Living Eulogy out of photos and home videos of your loved one to be played during the service. We can create a memorable tribute to your loved one to be saved for future generations and provide a sense of history.


Consider music that was meaningful to the person who passed or to your family. We can help coordinate your music selections and ensure that they are played at the appropriate time during the ceremony. Live music options including soloists and pianists are also available.

Live Streaming:

If there are family or friends that are unable to attend the service, we can arrange for live streaming to our website and Facebook page. Any of your loved ones that can’t make it in person can still feel close to the family by watching the service from home and connecting with others grieving.