Daniel Dyck
Daniel Dyck

Obituary of Daniel Dyck

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Daniel Dyck,resident of Rolla, British Columbia, on Friday, April 23, 2021 in Dawson Creek, BC, at the age of 83 years.  A private family Graveside Service was held at Peaceview Cemetery.

 Daniel was born in 1938 in Hague, Saskatchewan. Daniel and his brother, Herman, who were twins were the seventh and eighth born of 10 children. He learned from an early age to be a hard worker.

 He followed his twin, Herman, north to Dawson Creek, and they became barbers. Dan barbered for 47 years. He was retired for 15 years and he remarked, “If I had known how nice retirement would be, I would have done it years ago.”

He met the love of his life in 1963. And swept her off her feet and married her the same year! A wonderful daughter was added to the family in 1967. Denise Angela was the light of their lives. A beautiful baby girl!. Leslie, their son, added to their growing family in 1970. A bouncing 4 lbs and 7 1/2 ounces boy. He added even more light to their family.

Dan always handy, built them a lovely home right on the brink of the hill. Their view was spectacular. Many happy years in that house. With the opportunity to buy Ethel’s parent’s home quarter, they jumped at the chance to move to the country. Back to Ethel’s old stomping grounds.

 The farm proved to be a place of nurturing for their family. Chores, garden and animals! Dan who was known to be a meat-a-tarian. Loved being able to have chickens and raise their own beef. He never shied away from the extra work even though he carried on barbering all those years. He loved his bees! They had their bee apiary for many years. Produced lovely honey. Ethel so wanted to share something with Dan so she willingly got into the bees. But she says she learned to pray lots in that experience.

 One of Dan’s greatest joys was flying a plane. He told a dear friend that when he flew he felt free. He owned his own plane for years and cherished it. Was a sad day when he had to sell it, it became too expensive to keep up the plane any longer.

 How he loved the motorcycle trips him and Ethel went on. To the Oregon coast with friends and family. Travelling all over Saskatchewan and to the Okanagan and ice fields many times.

 He really liked to travel. He so enjoyed their trip to Hawaii. And their trips to Mexico. But his usual was to see his family that he so enjoyed to spend time with.

 Dan always loved working with wood. And many enjoyed his creations. From adirondack chairs, to lovely swings. He made cradles, doll cradles, right down to old fashioned match holders for the wall. He would donate his creations for benefit auctions at the hall. He loved working out in his shop.

 The neighbors in Doe River became very used to seeing him faithfully doing his 2 mile walk a day. He would wave without turning to even look, unless of course you pulled over and made him chat. Which we all knew he loved.

 What a good neighbor he was! If you needed help pulling a calf, or fixing something he would be there. Dan was also a grandpa to many friends children and an uncle to many who needed one. His love of children was evident to all and they loved him in return.

 He will leave a big hole in all our hearts but we rejoice that though we don’t see him today, we will see him again in glory.

 If you desire to make donations in Dan’s memory, you could donate to ICU at the Dawson Creek Hospital. They were so very good to us during Dan’s last days here and as a family we want to thank the staff and workers there.

Very Respectfully, Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium

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