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Tanya Moore
Tanya Moore
Tanya Moore

Obituary of Tanya Moore

Wow, what an amazing turnout!  Tanya would be proud and humbled.  From the Patriquin and Moore families…….thank-you!  For those of you who don’t know me, I am Tanya’s older brother, Tim.  The expression, ‘She who finishes with the most friends is the true winner’ personified Tanya - she has more friends than anyone I have ever known….and not just acquaintances, but true friends who she cared for deeply. 

We are here today to celebrate Tanya’s life, a life that we all know was very well lived.  No one embraced life like Tanya. 

I looked up the definition of celebration and found the following: a gathering to say that someone is great or important……now that speaks volumes!!  We have all the major components: a gathering…..that’s us, someone great…..that’s Tanya….and someone important…..again, that’s Tanya.  Now I must admit that I had a few glasses of red wine putting this little “life of Tanya” chat together…..I thought that was quite fitting.  We all know how much Tanya cherished a glass of red wine. 

So what is Tanya’s legacy?  Where do I start?  From the beginning of course! 

Tanya lived in many places.  She was born in Springhill, NS, lived in Vermont (we had to make a quick move back or our Dad would have been drafted into the Vietnam war……really!!), Oxford, NS (where our Dad and Mom met), Schefferville, Quebec (our childhood home), Kitsault, BC, Grand Cache, Alberta (where Tanya finished high school), Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge (for a few months) and then Chetwynd………Tanya has many fond memories of all the places she lived, but Chetwynd is where her heart is.  My family (which includes the Patriquins and the Moores) is so thankful for the outpouring of love and support for Tanya and her family from the Chetwynd community.  You truly do reap what you sow……there was not a cause that Tanya did not support, and that support came back 1000 times over.  Thank you. 

You may have noticed that I speak of Tanya in the present tense.  I believe we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.  Tanya is now unburdened by her earthly body and her spirit is soaring high……..I know that she is here with us today.  I see her in my parents, my sisters, in Kelsey and Tyler, in her uncle, her cousin, nephews and great niece…….and in all of you.  So I will flip back and forth from the present and the past tense…….if there are any grammar teachers in the building….please forgive me. 

My parents blessed me with three wonderful sisters: Teresa, Tanya and Tina.  Throughout my life I have been asked,  “do I have a favorite sister”.  My sisters have always been a package…….I can honestly say that I have never had a favorite.  But I can tell you this…….each one of them is in the top three!! 

Tanya was very shy as a young child, but we all know that was just a phase.  As an adult, Tanya became the confident extrovert that we all know and love.  How many times have we heard that Tanya is the life of the party???  Come on…..show of hands…..how many of you have partied with Tanya??  Ok, those of you who didn’t put your hands up really missed out.  My sister could party like no other.  She didn’t just party to party; she partied because she loved people and she loved making them feel like they belonged to something wonderful.  She was such a generous soul. 

We knew from a very young age that Tanya loved children.  In most of my earliest memories of Tanya, she has a doll or two.  From a very early age, Tanya’s dream was simple…….she so wanted to be a Mom.  Well we all know how that dream turned out……utter perfection.  Tyler James and Kelsey June - I see so much of your Mom in both of you.  Kelsey, you have her beautiful smile and Tyler, you have her love of animals……and you both have the same loving and caring heart as your Mom. 

Tanya was an avid reader - I remember when we were young.   We could always count on books for Christmas - I got The Hardy Boys, Teresa got Nancy Drew and Tanya got The Bobsy Twins.  She also loves her shows…….I knew better than to call during Big Brother or Survivor!! 

I remember the first time I met Brian…..and I didn’t like him much……and that was a bit unfair, but I thought, who is this older dude dating my 18 year old sister??  Not long ago, Brian told me a story about his Mom.  When he was dating Tanya, Mrs. Moore said to Brian: “ Tanya’s a keeper, son.  Don’t screw it up”.  And he listened!! Tanya and Brian fell in love and built an amazing family and a wonderful life here in Chetwynd……and I can tell you that they loved each other……and through that union, the Patriquin and Moore families built a beautiful strong bond and I came to love Brian like a brother.  I am sure that Tanya and Mrs. Moore are up in heaven cackling away as they share Brian stories…..and they have a lot of material to work with!! 

Tanya loves the outdoors……camping with friends and family.  She enjoyed curling, golf and ball and she loved to workout.  Tanya loves music……and a great two-step dance!  The only reason I know how to two-step is the patient teaching of my three sisters. The last two step dance I had with Tanya is a memory that I will cherish forever.  At my sister Tina’s wedding this past August, Tanya and I cut a mean rug to “Dust on the Bottle”.   That was one of Tanya’s favorite songs……and if you caught her in the right mood, she could belt that song out with the best of them. 

Tanya loved spending time in Nova Scotia……..as kids we would spend our summers there with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  As an adult, Tanya loved singing songs and drinking wine around the fire pit at the cottage…..that was one of her happy places!! 

Tanya has a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh…….a common theme in the many Facebook postings I have read over the past week.  What I couldn’t get over was how many lives she touched in such a positive way.  Tanya touched so many lives.  She took in many strays………..most were two-legged.  Brian figures his and Tanya’s home was busier than the local hotels.  Tanya and Brian not only welcomed so many people into their home, they loved them.  I know many of you in this room spent a night, a week, a month or longer in Tanya and Brian’s home…….not as guest, but as family. 

Tanya was also a realist.  She told it like it was.  How many of you have heard her famous expression….You want a piece of me????!!!  For me, Tanya was a great sounding board…..she did not sugar coat it; she told it like it was.  I do my best to call all my sisters at least once a week…….I will miss my calls to Tanya, but I will continue to have my chats with her. 

Tanya was the most polite person - we learned that from our parents.  Even in her last few weeks, she would thank the nursing staff for giving her pain meds or for shifting her body or any little thing……..please and thank-you to the end. 

Tanya loved butterflies……..Kelsey chose the butterfly for her urn.  if you see a butterfly in the months and years to come, chances are Tanya is checking in on you.  When you least expect it…..expect it. 

So what is Tanya’s legacy?  Her legacy is here in this room…….in Brian, her husband of 33 years who stood by her side with grace to the end, in Tyler and Kelsey, her beautiful children.  In her parents, her sisters, in me……in our extended family..…in the entire Moore family…..and most definitely, in all of you.  We are her legacy and Tanya’s ask is simple…….remember her and live your life to the best of your abilities.  That is what Tanya would want…….in Tanya’s own words…..you betcha!!!! 

I know you are with us today our dear Tanya……in the words of Johnny Reid: 

This is not goodbye or the end, Let me tell you my friend, I’ll keep you forever in my heart, Till I see you again. May our song never end, Till then remember this is not goodbye, 

Tanya was predeceased by her brother Troy Patriquin, her grandparents Nanny Black and Nannie and Grampie Patriquin. 

Tanya is lovingly remembered by her husband of 33 years, Brian, her children Tyler and Kelsey, her parents Wendell and Valerie Patriquin, her siblings Tim Patriquin, Teresa Milne and Tina Edmunds, as well as many nieces, nephews, cousins and many friends. 

Tanya Moore, a long-time resident of Chetwynd, BC passed away with family and friends by her side on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 in the Dawson Creek & District Hospital at the age of 53 years. 

A Memorial Service was held on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 1:00 PM at the Chetwynd Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Bill Evans officiated.  Tanya was laid to rest in the Tuscoola Mountain Cemetery. 

For friends so wishing, donations may be made in memory of Tanya to the Dawson Creek & District Hospital, Palliative Care Unit, 11100 13 Street, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3W8. 

Very Respectfully Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium