Justin Garbitt
Justin Garbitt
Justin Garbitt
Justin Garbitt


7:00 pm
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Saulteau First Nation Community Hall
Box 1020
Moberly Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Funeral Service

11:00 am
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Saulteau First Nation Community Hall
Box 1020
Moberly Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Obituary of Justin Garbitt

Justin Darrell Garbitt (Joeyar), a lifelong resident of Moberly Lake, BC, passed away on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 in Chetwynd, BC at the age of 31 years.

You know it is true, you honestly don’t realize how much you love someone until they are gone. There are things you see in that person after they are gone, that you could not see when they were with us. I didn’t think a young man like Justin could make such a huge impact on all the people. My life will never be the same because of this.

Justin always told me, Gramma, God gives his toughest missions and lessons to his strongest and bravest Warriors.

Justin Darrell Garbitt was born on June 21, 1987, in Chetwynd. His Mother is Patricia Curtis and Father is Darrell Garbitt. Justin grew up and went to school in Moberly Lake and Chetwynd.

As he grew up he became somewhat like a Gypsy and liked to roam around the country a lot.

Justin has a huge family and spent most of his time with one family or the other.  Justin and Breanna Smallman had a daughter on June 11, 2008 who they called Elizabeth.  He Loved and adored her, spoke of her daily and missed her when he didn’t see her for awhile. Everything was always going to be for Lizzy.

Justin was best friends with his Uncle Clayton Garbitt (Rawhide) ever since they were little boys right to the end. After leaving his Mothers care, Darrell and Fernie Garbitt took care of him until he left them and went to spend a few years with Benny and Loretta Davis. At Benny’s he became best friends with Chad Gauthier. Justin always loved Chad’s sister Kaitlin Gauthier, since they were young, and did end up with her right to the end. From there he spent a lot of time staying with Lyla Logan. The last 2 years, Justin and Kaitlyn lived most of the time with Clayton and Cristina at West Moberly First Nations. 

He worked close to Chewynd most of the time and also worked up in the mountains as a Guide. He really liked that type of work. He learned how to tan hide while he spent a summer in the mountains and tanned his own wolverine.

Justin spent most of his life helping people out. Doing jobs large or small for anyone he could find that needed help or those he stayed with. He would always go around and check up on elders to see how they were and if they needed help with anything.

Justin Loved his dog Helga. She went everywhere with him and she just loved him too. If he left her behind, she would wait at the door for him until he returned. He once had a horse and a dog that lived together, their whole life they did not part, I think the horse thought it was a dog because it would not follow the other horses, it would just stay with the dog. He also really loved hunting and horses. Every chance he got he would go hunting. He would give meat to Elders and families that really needed it. He brought food to hungry families many times. And would make people laugh.

Justin was gifted with such a good sense of humor. He always made us all laugh. Justin played guitar and sang, he was an amazing artist. He always gave away his works of art. He was traditional, knew the bush, loved to drum, went to sweats, and learned a lot from the elders. He also would go to Church with me any time I would ask him to. Even if he was hung over he would come with me. One time at church, during the discussion part, they said, Hi Justin how are you doing? He said Oh, I just got out of jail and am doing good.

It would not be right if I did not talk a little bit about addiction. Addiction did end his life, and once again took away one we love. As the drugs and alcohol rage through our communities and we lose loved ones, one by one, what does it make you think? It doesn’t seem to stop people from taking them. So many of the drugs are deadly now, and you could die if you take it, yet it does not make people stop.

Just in our family we lost 3 to alcohol and drugs and almost lose 2 more, I thank God he saved them. How many of you lost loved ones to Drugs and Alcohol?  Probably everyone in here.

In honor of their death, WHAT CAN WE DO, to help stop the use of Alcohol and Drugs on our Reserves, because it is taking our people one by one, and the count is so many now that we can’t keep track.  Please let’s lift out of the darkness and into the light. Let’s become the warriors against Drugs and Alcohol. It is enough now. It is enough.

You are God’s chosen people. Let’s return to him though his son Jesus Christ who died to save us all.

I just want to tell you Justin how much I Love You and I am going to miss you. We are all going to miss you.

Justin leaves behind to mourn his daughter Elizabeth (Lizzy); his girlfriend Katlyn Gauther; His Mother; Patricia Curtis, Father; Darrell Garbitt; his step Mother Fernie Garbitt; 7 brothers; 5 sisters; and has a very large family that includes Aunt; Uncles; Grandparents; cousins; nieces and nephews and many friends.

Justin is predeceased by Grandfather, Pat Garbitt, Grandmother, Gladys Garbitt, Aunty Patsy Garbitt, Uncle Wayne Garbitt, and Douglas Darrell Curtis/Langlois.


A Wake was held at the Saulteau First Nations Community Center, Moberly Lake, BC on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm.


A Funeral Service was held on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at 11:00 am at the Saulteau First Nations Community Center. Pastor Bill Evans officiated. Interment followed in the Lake View Cemetery, Moberly Lake BC.


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