Johannes Honing

Obituary of Johannes Michael Honing

John Michael Honing began his journey in Wychen, Holland, in 1932. He was born along with his twin brother Herman, the fifth in a family of eight. He grew up during the German occupation in the 2nd world war. Dad loved to share stories about his childhood with his kids and grandchildren of those traumatic, exciting and eventful years. When John was seventeen years old, his family immigrated to Canada. Their Canadian life began in Cudworth, Saskatchewan, where the family settled on a farm and began to do what his parents knew best; making a living off the land. His parents taught him how to survive with very little and the importance of family. After graduation he went to St. Peter's College in Muenster, Sask., where he took a variety of courses with a veterinarian and farming focus. Then he worked in a bush camp in Pine Falls, Manitoba as well spent many long hours on the family farm in order to contribute to the family income. In 1958 he met Marion, and they were married in July of 1959 in Middle Lake, Sask. Eventually they were able to get their own piece of land and small farm house to begin their farming life together. Their first child Denise arrived in May of 1960, Janet in 1961, Brian in 1963, and Judy in 1965. In June of 1965 John moved his family to Cecil Lake, BC, where he continued to farm and also sold welders. In 1967, David was born followed by a move to their other farmland in 1973 which was located on the Siphon Creek road still in the Cecil Lake area. The Honing family was thought to be complete, but then in 1974 a surprise announcement of a new baby coming brought excitement. Lori was born followed by Joanne in 1976. The next big family event was the move to Sunrise Valley in November of 1980. We moved from an 800 sq. ft. house to a 3600 sq. ft. house with 7 bedrooms and a flushing toilet. It felt like we needed an intercom system to talk! In 1995 they moved to a farm in Arras, with a lovely log home which they both loved. It was here that John built a shop out of recycled lumber and tin from some of the older buildings standing on the farm. John was a humble man with simple values and needs. He didn't need a fancy house or car to be happy. He enjoyed raising animals and had a wonderful gentle way with all living things. Raising pigs, cattle, chickens and horses were all part of the Honing farm, but Dad's biggest love was always the horses. Mom & Dad celebrated their 50th Anniversary this summer on the family farm with all their sons and daughters and most of their grandchildren present. John is survived by his wife of 50 years, Marion, 7 children, 13 grandchildren, his twin brother Herman, brothers Hank and Mike, and 4 sisters Mena, Annie, Cory and Bertha. John was predeceased by his parents Marie and Henry. A Funeral Service was held on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 11:00 am at the Notre Dame Catholic Church. Fr. Michael Anyasoro officiated, interment followed in the Mountain View Cemetery.
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