Georgette Waldie

Georgette Waldie, a long time resident of Pouce Coupe, BC, passed away peacefully on Monday, April 29, 2019 in Rotary Manor, Dawson Creek, at the age of 92 years. 

Georgette was born on July 24, 1926 in Brussels Belgium to her adoring parents Catherine & Jean-Baptiste Fastenaekels. Georgette and her family continued to make Brussels their home, with many other family members, such as aunts, uncles and cousins, nieces and nephews. Their family worked hard to sustain each other by running a family store in Brussels. 

Georgettes teenage years unfortunately were met by WWII, September 1939 until September 1945. Living in Belgium, being the neutral country, she witnessed a lot and didn’t really talk about it. 

One story she did share was: it was her day to be working in the family store, and she was reading a book trying to self-teach herself some English and succeeding. A German officer was in the store at the time. Georgette was so into her book that she never noticed him, so he slammed his hand down on the counter and told her she should not be reading and learning from that book because it was English, she should be reading and learning the German language. As we all know her feisty and reactive self; Georgette came straight out and said to him, I don’t like Germans and I have no interest in learning their language either. I’ll keep learning the English language and that was that. well we guess that was a good thing as the English did prove to come in handy as she met her future husband and became a war bride to William Waldie from Canada and they were married in 1945 in Brussels, Belgium. 

The war was over, and Bill was forced to leave his bride in Belgium but were reunited in Canada in December of 1946. The family started to grow with Liliane born October 14, 1946 in Belgium, and the two made their first voyage over to Canada to meet the new dad and husband by ship in December of the same year. Followed by their son Gary born in Canada 5 Years later on October 28, 1951. 

The family went back to Belgium in 1952. Where Georgette and Bill Raised their two Oldest children, Liliane and Gary. 

Georgette made her way back to Canada in 1965, following Bill, Liliane and Gary. To make the family complete their son William (Bill) was born on December 31, 1966. Just a few minutes shy of being the baby of the year in 1967. Georgette wasn’t having any of that though, and said I’m not waiting, get it out, so she did from how the story goes, out came Bill two to three minutes before midnight. 

Once Georgette was settled into the small community of Pouce Coupe she started her career at the Pouce coupe hospital as a dietician in 1966. She was very proud of her job and always made sure the food was of goof quality and appetizing for all the patients and residence of the hospital. Georgette ironically retired April 30, 1988. 

Georgette and her children, all being entrepreneur’s, the family opened up a video store in Pouce Coupe in the 1980’s and ran it successfully for many years, until videos started to no longer be feasible. 

Georgette also for many years was very involved with community events in Pouce Coupe and she spent many years with the July 1st BBQ held down at the Pouce Park. She made sure the meat was prepared and ready for the pits, the potatoes were peeled, onions chopped, and felt like tons of potato and coleslaw salads were made. With the help of many volunteers, and of course family members were rooked into coming to the hospital kitchen to help prepare as well. It just became kind of a family tradition for many years and would just know July 1st is coming and we got to go help Georgette in the kitchen which everyone looked forward to doing. Everyone was so proud and excited to go get their plate of food down at the park. 

Georgette had many passions, and always loved time spent with family and friends. She even took up scrap booking for a few years until her health wouldn’t let her anymore. She volunteered at the legion and at the senior centre putting on a meal for community events. Georgette had many grandchildren, that she enjoyed spending time with. 

Georgettes first granddaughter Catherine followed by Denis (Trina) and Michelle (Bruce) which were Liliane and Elmers children. Gary and Kelly’s children Jamie, Andrea, And Patrick. 

Next came her great grand children. Heather, Robert, Chandie, Tyler, Breanna, Kylie-Sarah, Caitlyn, Jesse and Summer. Finally, the great, great grand children Liliane, Avery and the family’s newest addition in November her first great, great grandson Dexter, whom she met in December of 2018 just before her health started to take another turn for the worse. 

Georgette loved to travel back home to go visit her family and friends back in Belgium. With her last trip there in 2013 to bring her daughter’s ashes back home. She made this trip with her son-in law, Elmer, Granddaughter, Michelle and her husband Bruce. This trip was extremely hard on Georgette, but being the strong independent lady she was, she met this challenge like a trooper as well. Returning home Georgette’s health started to worsen more and more, which resulted into her moving onto the senior home in Dawson Creek for a few years. After having a few falls, which resulted in her spending extended times in the hospital, Georgette was finally forced into going full care at the senior’s home.  

Georgette will be missed by all but definitely not to be forgotten by anyone. God bless you in your final resting place, and may you rejoice in joining all the loved ones you’ve lost over the years in heaven. 

Georgette was pre-deceased by Her parents back in Belgium, Catherine and Jean-Baptiste, sister Lisette, her husband Bill, daughter Liliane, son-in -law Elmer as well as many other family members on both sides of the family from brothers and sister in laws to nieces and nephews and many close friends. 

A funeral service was held on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the Notre Dame Catholic Church. Father Vener Sabacan officiated. Georgette was laid to rest next to her loving husband, William, in the Rolla Cemetery following the service.  

Georgette’s family would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all the staff at Rotary Manor, Dr. Botha Sr. and Michelle for the care given to Georgette.

For friends so wishing, donations may be made in memory of Georgette to the Rotary Manor Resident Council Fund, 1121 90 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 5A3. 

Very Respectfully Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium