Nathan Strong

Nathan Strong, a lifelong resident of Dawson Creek, BC, was taken from us suddenly on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at the age of 27 years.


Nathan James Strong was born Tuesday March 19, 1991 to Hazel Strong and Darryl Gladue. Nathan was a kind and happy kid with a smile on his face. Nathan was an adventurous boy who always had friends, more girlfriends than friends. His mom remembers a time when he was young being chased inside by three girls. Girls, girls, girls. His dad remembers a time when they would all go camping Nathan, Joann and Terry. He used to love to go camping these being only a few cherished memories the family would share, Nathan loving all of it, you can never expect it.

The loss of a child so dear, what you wouldn’t give to have time with Nathan near. Life can never prepare you to ever say goodbye. All you do is ask why, but there are never no answers, so you grieve with tears looking back on past memories you shared. Those memories and moments are your treasure you keep inside your heart. Nathan our boy, you’re in heaven now and you need to know you were loved, adored, and in our hearts. We little knew that morning god was going to call your name in life, we loved you dearly in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you. You did not go alone, there was a part of all of us that went with you that day the lord called you home.

You left us great memories, your love is still our guide and though Mom and Dad cannot see you, your still by our side.

To my awesome little brother, heaven just gained an angel. I know you’ll always be with me everywhere I go. I know how excited you were to have everyone home for Christmas this year, that’s why I face timed you and said (I heard you were giving out fifties). Nathan had no problem helping family out, he had a big heart. I love my brother dearly, but I will see him one day, when I do, I will tell him my life and he will be proud of me that day.

Nate dawg, Joann would say she will cry tears for him every day. The day has come, where he became my big little brother I can’t replace. He always looked out for me and my kids, Dallas and Lennox who enjoyed spending time with their uncle Nathan.

He would teach them to fish. I always knew my little brother loved the outdoors, he was a loving uncle and brother. Nathan loved nature and go hunting, you know he dropped his first moose last fall, and this was a day he was proud of. Nathan never feared the wild, his spirit is now present with god.

I love you little brother, My Nate dawg.

When Nathan met his wife Shyla, the two of them were only five years old and getting ready to perform the play. The paper bag princess by Robert Munch, this is when Nathan told Shyla’s mom, she was his girlfriend. So, at an early age Nathan and Shyla were fated to have their beautiful daughter Acadia born October 16, 2010. The day god gave me the most beautiful, smartest little girl I met in my life, and she’s mine. Nathan now knew unconditional love. His daughter Acadia was his best friend he would call my beebs or my shine. This fated love Nathan and Shyla shared lead to the joy he had taking his daughter out to the movies, bowling, and swimming. This leads me to a story about wobbly pop.

Like I said Nathan liked to be active with his family so Acadia would make sure he wasn’t getting any wobbly pop. Nathan was clever and simply said if you want to go swimming, I get a wobbly pop. Nothing could express the love Nathan had for his beautiful family, he was a great dad. Shyla and Acadia would laugh at how they could go for dinner and after being home for ten minutes he would be digging in the cupboards hungry again. Nathan will be missed so much by his wife and daughter but will forever be in their hearts.

A memory his uncle Glen would like to share is how Nathan thought if he used three thousand dollars, he would be a millionaire, he did not know at that time that it was a scam, but he convinced his dad, mom, uncle Glen and Corrine to drive him down to Vancouver.

Off they went all five of them on a road trip so as they were in Vancouver it became clear to Nathan, he was not going to be a millionaire. They then went to a store and got some bread and bologna and went to Stanley park and started eating bologna sandwiches.

Nathan was waiting for his EI to come in, so they could return home, and off they went again, they decided to stop in Chetwynd for a washroom break and Nathan being the last to go into the store.

They then hit the road again mom, dad, Glen and Corrine.

A little while went by and his uncle Glen asks if Nathan is staying with anyone in Chetwynd? Oh no they said and had to turn around and go pick him up at the store. There he was extremely upset and gets in and says how couldn’t you notice me I’m not a dog, I take up a third of the back seat, and would not let them forget.

The last time I was in camp with Nate we talked a lot about how he wanted to change his life for the better. He was a very strong person, he never gave up, and he was one of the best bush workers I ever had to be able to work with.

we will all miss him.

The last day I spent with Nate, he had a shorter work day than me so when I arrived back at camp, he had split a mountain of firewood for me and had it all nicely piled in front of my tent. He was a good friend.

A few words from Peace Area Forestry

Nathan worked for Peace Area Forestry for Approximately six Years and was well respected among his co- workers not only for his amazing work ethic and great attitude but also for his willingness to go that extra mile to complete a task. His job required him to be away from his family for weeks on end, enduring tough physical labour out in remote bush camps throughout Northern BC. Nathan excelled in his job not only because of physical stature but also his intelligence. He was also mentally strong, and able to endure whatever Mother Nature would throw at him on a daily basis.

His day consisted of getting up at the crack of dawn, putting on his cruise vest, armed only with a map, compass, hatchet and a small can of bear spray; he would venture off into wilderness, surveying areas for Canfor or Westfraser Mills. The data he collected was vitally important to his clients; without it they would not be able to harvest. He took a lot of pride in his job; I believe that the word is “INTEGRITY”

Nathan thoroughly enjoyed learning about the environment he worked in, he could not believe how much there was to know about trees, the animals, the plants and the water. Some of his new-found interests included berry picking, he would occasionally bring a small bag back to camp and say

“These are going into my dad’s Bannock…

Fishing; this was a new passion he was hooked on. “NO PUN Tended”. He was so proud of his new Canadian Tire fishing rod and his 3 hooks.

Medicinal plants, this really interested him. He recently learned how to identify a few traditional smudging fungus as well chaga.

Having these skills also brought a new-found pride into his Cree and Metis Heritage. One of his goals for 2019 was to sit down with his parents and grandmother and research his history so he could apply for his metis status.

To our crew he was simply Nate, a young man who we all respected. This loss is very hard on us all and we will miss him dearly.

A wake was held on Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Nawican Friendship centre.


A funeral service was held on Friday, December 21, 2018 at 2:00 pm am from Reynars Chapel. Father Veneer Sabacan officiated. Interment followed in the Brookside Cemetery.


Very Respectfully Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium